Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Create/Register Mediator for Runtime created UIComponent Like adding into Pop up - PureMVC

Hi Friends,

Here I am again Puting accross point where I thought for second.
The solution for registering mediator for component in popup created at run time is below.

reportPopup = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this.payrollModule,PdfReportFrame,true) as PdfReportFrame;
registerMediator(new PdfReportFrameMediator(reportPopup)); //this without resolving component on parent

Every thing else goes same way.


Type 1086: Syntax error: expecting semicolon before minus. Flex Problem - IFRAME expecting semicolon before minus

Flex Builder is throwing an "expecting semicolon before minus" error on the XML declaration!!

This is due to Package Name have "-" symbol. Would be great if Flex builder show approriate file.

:-) Helped me. Hope it helps some body.