Thursday, May 20, 2010

PureMVC Fabrication Popup


I am sure sombody has to go through this. PopUp In PureMVC.... But Not performing any events.... I know why..
Mediator for pop component is initializing befor you have the component.. Check the solution below...

//reportPopup is of type customComponent(PdfReportFrame).

 reportPopup = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this.payrollModule,PdfReportFrame,true) as PdfReportFrame;
 registerMediator(new PdfReportFrameMediator(reportPopup, source));



  1. Hmm - I've been having quite a bit of time trying to get popups to work in fabrication-- posted questions in the puremvc/fabrication forum to no avail; will try this. Thanks!

  2. Curious - can the same thing be done with loading in a fabricationModule? If I'm pulling in an external swf as module, creating the routing but not adding the element -- instead calling the above?