Friday, May 14, 2010

Multiton/singleton AS3 for Modules Flex / PureMvc / Fabrication

Hi Friends,

Was wondering how to reference a singleton instance for particular Module in flex..

after reading few blog and googling ..

found a solution/rather built upon it .. thought this might be helpful to somebody…

Most things in AS are built on Java so Looked at Java Mulitone >> and there is the solution…

import flash.utils.Dictionary;

public class InternalModelLocator
private static var instances:Dictionary= new Dictionary();//Dictionary is treated as Java Hash Map

public function InternalModelLocator()
/* Only One Instance created with GetInstanceMethod*/

/* module_uuid can be a String --------
In case of PureMVC "multitonKey" (this.multitonKey) can be used as unique key for multiple modules
public static function getInstance(module_uuid:String):InternalModelLocator
var instance:InternalModelLocator = instances[module_uuid];

if(instance == null)
instance = new InternalModelLocator();
instances[module_uuid] = instance;
return instance;

Let me know if I miss some thing or needs more elboration….

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